diy shellac manicures at home

March 9, 2016

You know what’s better than getting a shellac manicure at the salon? Getting one at home FO FREE. (after your initial investment, of course) I was laughing to myself because after I gave myself this mani this afternoon, I was changing dirty diapers. #momlife

My mom was actually the one that had the idea to invest in a UV gel light nail dryer and the shellac supplies. We both love getting shellac manicures and pedicures because they last SO much longer, but it’s always hard to find the time to go to the salon. This system does require about a $100 investment, but you easily recoup that after a few manicures and pedicures. 
My shellac process in 8 easy steps //
1} Pretend you’re at the salon! Pour yourself a glass of wine, or make yourself a coffee! This iced latte is brought to you by our lovely Jura espresso machine. Ice, vanilla almond milk and espresso layered in a cup and complete with a straw. My favorite!
2} Get your supplies together. I use rubbing alcohol, the Thermal Spa nail drying system and CND Shellac brand base, top and color coats. I usually set up my station at our kitchen bar, so I have plenty of space and it’s easy to see what I’m doing.
3} Clean your fingernails with rubbing alcohol.
4} Put your base coat on one hand. I set this for 30 seconds in the dryer.
5} Put on your first layer of color coat. I set this for two 60 minute sessions.
6} Repeat step 4 for your second layer.
7} Put on your top coat. Set for 60 seconds in the dryer.
8} Wipe fingernails down with alcohol again to remove the stickiness.

Nail dryer (on sale for $52!) / top and base coat / color coat (I love this color, it reminds me of grape soda!)

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