Fire Coral APLs

January 28, 2018

Realizing I think I have a thing for sneakers? I mean, I know I do. But lately I have been drawn to the bright, colorful sneakers when usually I have always been a neutral-lover. These APLs are in the top contenders for best sneaker I have ever owned. Definitely thinking I want to invest in a few other colors in the future… They are so comfy & I love how the laces are hidden.

Fire Coral APL Sneakers

This weekend was half low-key, half busy, which is the best kind of weekend in my opinion. On Saturday my husband and I both had a little work to do, which luckily was at different times so we swapped places in being at home with the kids.

We also worked on our fireplace mantle renovation, which is almost complete! We are in the never-ending process of making our home feel less contractor-beige. Bleh! Definitely more of a fan of white, grays and other non-brown neutrals. Anyway, my husband tore down the stone and put up shiplap up, sanded the trim, and is now beginning to paint. Can’t wait to show the final product! It’s already looking a million times better. Hallelujah.

Alexander Wang Rockie crossbody bag

Can you tell I love this bag?! Ha. I keep meaning to switch it up, but this one just works so perfectly for my needs. I was always a Marc by Marc Jacobs girl, but after it was discontinued I felt handbag lost. (Embarrassingly true. LOL) This Alexander Wang has a similar vibe, but even edgier and better.

Nordstrom Zella Leggings and Twist Tee

ZELLA ALL DAY URRY DAY. If you’re looking for nice but affordable athletic/athleisure gear, check out Zella at Nordstrom. It fits well, washes well and is super cute. I have worn this top so many times and it still looks brand new. Same with my leggings!

Fire Coral APL Sneakers

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