gift guide: mother’s day

April 28, 2016

I don’t know about your mom, but buying gifts for my mom is HARD. She doesn’t like trinkets, she likes the finer things in life and she usually just buys what she wants. I usually cycle through similar gifts, but this year I’m trying to come up with something new and original. I’d tell you but she may read this!

Here are some other great things I’ve found while browsing…

For the expecting mom //
1. Postpartum Recovery Essentials Bundle – this is one of my favorite brands. If you’re nursing, their nipple butter is amazing!
2. CozyChic Robe – these robes look so soft, they would be perfect for lounging at home after having the baby. I have one on my wish list!
3. Salon gift card – it’s so relaxing to get a prenatal massage or mani/pedi before the big day. I got shellac and it was nice to feel a little more “put together” those first few weeks even if I was really just in pajamas most days.

For the newer mom //
4. Super Mom Fuel mug – this is so cute! Most new moms are drinking A LOT of coffee, so this is perfect!
5. Personalized necklace – these bar necklaces are my absolute favorite type of jewelry right now. They are so simple and match everything.
6. Meal delivery service – once you get into a schedule, for moms who like to cook – this allows them to have the ingredients delivered and not have to plan the meal but still enjoy the cooking aspect. For moms who don’t like to cook, a gift card for carryout is perfect!

For your mom or mil //
7. Customized Frame – I love how this one includes all the kids. For us only children, you could also include grandkids!
8. Tools of the Trade Brush Set – who doesn’t like new makeup brushes?!
9. I Call Fowl scarf – scarves are a fun accessory to gift. Buy something unique for the fun mom or something a little more toned down for a serious mom.

For your grandma //
10. Slate Cheese Board – this is cool and would be great for entertaining. I love how you can write with chalk on it!
11. Jewelry – this necklace is really pretty and would match with everything.
12. A new coffee or tea to try – we buy this blend at Caribou Coffee. This tea set looks cool!

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