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May 2, 2016



Have you heard of the shopping app “Poshmark”? I had for a while, but I had never downloaded it to see what it was all about.

A couple weeks ago, I decided to try it out to sell a few things. In less than a month, I’ve made over $100 selling random clothes I wanted to get rid of anyway. The app makes it easy to post photos, write a description, and fill in the information about the item – type of clothing, brand, size, etc.

You list the price you’d like to sell it for, and people can also “offer” you an amount, where you can decide to accept or counteroffer. Poshmark does take a cut, but I’ve been finding that it’s worth it — the percentage is way less that you’d be losing at a local resale shop.

The buyer pays shipping, and Poshmark makes it really easy by emailing you a shipping label instantly. You can either place it on a regular envelope/box, or you can get free priority envelope/boxes from the Post Office. If it fits in the mailbox, you can drive through at the post office, which is SO convenient if you have kiddos!

If you’d like to download and join, use my referral code JOAHR to get $10 off your first purchase!

Happy Poshing!

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