It’s FL time

March 11, 2013

Aside from the interesting timing of the pregnancy test taking, it was also an interesting week to take it. J and I had been planning a trip to Florida to visit my mom and stepdad at their Florida house. Within 48 hours of thinking “This is gonna be an awesome time for us to drink and relax!!” it went to, “How the hell am I not going to drink for 5 days without my mom expecting anything?!”

While I never planned on waiting the official “3 months” to tell my mom, I wanted to wait a little bit before telling her the news. We left on March 7th, so that gave me less than 24 hours to come up with random excuses why I wasn’t drinking with everyone else.

The first couple of nights were easy. The first night I just claimed to be tired from the travel (which wasn’t a lie! I swear I’ve been exhausted since I found out!) and the second night I also just played tired and not in the mood to drink.

I swear, my mom knew something was up. She didn’t ask me the big question thankfully, but she did say “You’re not drinking alcohol again???” I knew I had to do something about it without her figuring it out.

The next night we went to a great Greek restaurant with another couple my parents are friends with. I knew this was the night I had to “drink” so my mom wouldn’t suspect anything. Instead of having to order myself a drink my mom and stepdad ordered a bottle of wine. I said that I would “have” a glass of theirs, and that way I wouldn’t have to actually order anything.

My glass was poured, and there it sat. I pretended to take a few sips of it every once in a while, but my mom again mentioned, “you’re barely drinking!” I knew it was time to act… the next time she was facing me, I grabbed my cup, and took a tiny sip. As soon as she turned away, I passed the glass to J and he gulped most of it down for me.

I’m pretty sure that no one was paying attention at the time, luckily. As the drinks kept pouring, no one was noticing my lack of alcohol intake. With only one more night in Florida (a pizza take-out dinner), my secret had stayed safe! It was a miracle.

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